SAT 3pm Screening D



This screening block  is mixed genres and may contain selections from Comedy, Drama, Family, Animation, and Documentary. None of these films are are repeated in any other sessions except for “The Family Films” sessions and the Friday night Session “A”.

Ticket holders are invited to the “Director’s Tent” in front of the theater after each screening for conversation and sharing about the films with any filmmakers that may be attending.

RATED “R” – Some films in this particular block contain extremely mature and graphic language and images and may  be not appropriate for viewers under 17 years old.

PLEASE ARRIVE 10-15 minutes early.

Seats are given away to standby viewers at exactly 5 minutes prior to each show time

“I Can’t Right Now” (Drama – Spain – 12m) Dir. Roser Aguilar
The chance at a big audition becomes complicated.

“Quest for Energy” (Documentary – USA – 10m) Dir. Vinit Parmar
Over one billion people still live without electricity. Off grid Indian villagers have found a way that is sustainable.

“Whiskey/Water of Life” (Drama – Ireland – 8m) Dir. Shaun O Connor
The true story of a young man who leaves his home in rural Ireland to cross the ocean on the ill-fated ‘Titanic’.

“Beside Her” (Drama – USA – 17m) Dir. Carrie Carnevale
The story of Rachel and Sofia and how in one brief moment in time, their love for each other is measured beyond the norms of their everyday lives.

“The Bit Player” (Drama – Macedonia – 22m) Dir. Igor Aleksov
A story of double standards, hypocrisy and cruelty of the past and present.

“The Morning After” (Comedy – UK – 11m) Dir. Pj Harling
A fun situational comedy where two strangers wake up next to each other after blacking out from a night partying. Neither knows whose house they are in.

“For Rent” (Romance – USA – 17m) Dir. Jodi Tyler
Mary and Joseph meet in a most unconventional way, and it gets worse.