2012 Winners

2012 Healdsburg International Short Film Festival Winners


The 2012 Festival Winners are:


Best Family Film

“MOONLIGHT” (Family – USA – 8M) Dir. Tammy Berlin
An old recluse becomes an unwilling babysitter to a little boy of a single mother.

Nominated for Best Family Film
“Manu Marmont” (Australia)
“Moonlight” (USA)

Best Comedy

“IT”S NOBODY’S FAULT” (Comedy – Spain – 14m)  Dir. Esteban Crespo
Antonio comes home with the intention of leaving his wife and three
children so he can live the dreams of his youth. But things don’t go exactly as planned.

Nominated for Best Comedy
“Blue Marble Cafe” (Sweden)
“It’s Nobody’s Fault” (Spain)
“Why, Because Somethings You Never Forget” (Spain)
“Nieche #5″ (Ireland)
“Valse Favorite” (France)

Best Animation

“THE LOST THING” (Animation – Australia – 8m) Dir.Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan
Oscar-winning animated film based on the acclaimed picture book
by multi-award-winning author and illustrator, Shaun Tan.

Nominated for Best Animation
“The Lost Thing” (Australia)
“Pasteurized” (Argentina)

Best Documentary

“I WANT TO SAY” (Documentary – USA – 29m) Dir.Peter Sorcher
Those with autism remain trapped in their bodies with no way of
communicating. But touch technology is changing their worlds.

Nominated for Best Comedy
“Hidden Smile” (Ethiopia/Spain)
“I Want To Say” (USA)
“The Last Supper” (USA)

Best Romance

“SPLIT TIME” (Romance – France – 3m) Dir.Fabrice Bracq
A man and a woman cross each other a million times without
ever meeting. Are they meant to be together?

Nominated for Best Romance
“In The Grey” (USA)
“Split Time” (France)

Best Drama

“GUANG” (Drama – Malaysia – 29m) Dir. Dir. Shio Chuan Quek
An autistic young man struggles to find the perfect object to
complete his important collection.

Nominated for Best Drama
“Guang” (Malaysia)
“It Was My City” (Iran)
“Scenes of an Adult Nature” (UK)
“Whisky/Water of Life” (Ireland)


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